Galit Levi

Israeli Designer Galit Levi always loved fabric and clothing and often sewed outfits for her friends. In fact when she got married in 1994 she wore a pink lace gown of her own design. Since establishing her own business two months after her wedding, Galit has handcrafted gowns for more than 10,000 brides and has become Israel’s Designer To The Stars, designing evening wear for Israeli actresses, singers, TV hosts, beauty queens and career women.

“I’d always loved fabric and clothing, and often sewed outfits for my friends,” she says. “When I got married, wedding dresses were still fairly ordinary, so I decided to design my own. It was made of pink lace and gold threading, and stunned everyone who saw it. Within two months of my wedding, I decided to establish my own business.”

A key to the popularity of her designs is, believes Levi, what she delicately calls ‘small corset architecture.’ “Each of our special corsets is engineered to emphasize the bride’s assets while hiding the less flattering parts,” she says. “Whereas a regular corset is made of five bones of material, ours are constructed with 90. They decorate and support the body so securely and comfortably that the wearer doesn’t even feel it.”

Levi has twice been named Israel’s Designer of the Year, contributes fashion columns to Israeli magazines and online sites, and regularly serves as a fashion specialist and beauty pageant judge.

Moo Jae