Bellucio Haute Couture

Designer Julie Sufi of Belluccio, is a master in beading. Defying the odds of physics she coats her featherweight materials with kilograms of embellishment without compromising the line of the design. Tulle based brocades, jewel toned silks, and masterfully draped jersey all fall as part of the timeless collections. The Haute Couture gowns are inspired by Old world glamour and appeal to the likes of modern day Rita Hayworths, Grace Kelly’s and Audrey Hepburn’s.

Belluccio have developed a strong reputation in the Australian pageant industry, being common choices for the Miss Universe and Miss World Australia contestants. Further, Belluccio have been the official designer of Miss World Australia since 2011 for the evening gowns and national costumes. Further, our gowns are often seen gracing Red Carpet events by Australian Celebrities and Socialites. We are Gina Liano’s top choice for her evening gowns, having designed her Logies gown earlier in the year, and will be designing exclusively for her during the second season of Real Housewives of Melbourne.

Moo Jae