Gemy Maalouf

Gemy Maalouf was born and raised in Lebanon, where she grew up surrounded by the colorful materials at her father’s fabric factory. Little did she know at such a young age that she was about to embark on a life-long journey into the world of fashion, despite her parents’ wish that she study law. Further motivating her choice of career was her captivation with the designer gowns she saw on models gracing catwalks and on celebrities walking the red carpet during her adolescence. As a result, she decided that she would bring a novel approach to the industry by making haute couture more accessible to women.

Building on her desire to create simple yet intricate formal wear for sexy, modern, young and active woman with attitude, Gemy quickly developed an exceptional eye for fashion. Cultivating her innate artistic talent, she first began designing gowns for friends and neighbors at just 17 years old and gradually increased her acumen for design, working in small workshops to bring her beautiful creations to life.

By 1996, Gemy was ready to open her first atelier in Beirut, making her dream of becoming a globally recognized designer a reality. From the onset of her career, she stayed true to her initial vision and launched her first line of clothing under her name, embodying all the high-end qualities and luxury of the haute couture. The release of the collection met with much acclaim and only four years after starting her label, she reached the fashion world’s center stage when she became one of the first Lebanese designers to show at the Salon du “Prêt a Porter” in Paris.
Not one to remain satisfied with the status quo, Gemy soon sought other avenues through which she could expand her innovative designs and took an ambitious step by bringing her unique flair to the fashion-conscious bride in 2004 with the GEMY MAALOUF Bridal line. In 2006, she once again embraced progress and change with her GEMY “Le Prêt” line, which provides a complete range of formal attire, from tops and skirts to short dresses. Finally in 2007, feeling the increasing demand for her designs from a niche of clientele with lower budgets, Gemy launched her 2nd line Beside Couture by GEMY providing the style at more affordable prices.

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