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Joan Calabrese for Mon Cheri

Born into a family of Italian artisans, Joan showed from an early age, a love of fashion. As a Student, she received a full scholarship to the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia. As the mother of two toddlers in 1975, she started by working at home doing the thing she loved best, designing children's clothes. The legendary Tom Marotta, the late VP for Saks Fifth Avenue, at Couture, who was in contact with the best designers worldwide, saw the possibilities for Joan. With his encouragement, a business was started which has continued and grown to the present day. Known for her usage of exquisite fabric and detail, along with pristine line, Joan is inspired by European and American influences, while remaining classic with a current fashion edge.

Within the luxury segment of the market, Joan's couture designs are worn by children of those with elegant awareness and an appreciation for timeless design, including the children of celebrities, industrialists, professionals in all fields all over the world.

Joan has recently partnered with MON CHERI, and is designing for them a more affordable Collection which has a broader distribution, but the same fine quality and exquisite design which people have come to expect from her. Today, Joan sells to the finest Boutiques like Designer Loft!

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